Quality Policy & Quality Assurance

The company has over two-decade long record of servicing clienteles on both national and international ground.

The business attaches important emphasis on ensuring obedience to quality standards at all levels. The basic thrust of the quality philosophy is summed up in the company's Quality Policy which serves as the bench mark of all functions executed by the company.

Strict quality declaration system is being surveyed in all our departments and Total Quality Management is applied to rationalize and all the measures and practices in operation to achieve high average of efficiency.

We are committed to furnishing superior quality products at an inexpensive price with schedule constancy. The company has industrialized quality objectives and work plans for a quality organization. We follow rigorous quality control standards by reviewing and nursing each production process.

Each product of our range is tested as per the internationally accepted standards using various test procedures. We also facilitate specific testing as per the client's requirement. For quality control, we have a team of quality-checking staff.

The materials supplied by us are as per the norms tested by Government recognized laboratories. AS AN ISO 9001: 2008 As An ISO 9001: 2008 We adhere to strict quality control and have developed our in-house quality control process. This process involves the use of famous Toyota production system methods like the kanban system, poka yoke, and just in time.